The Linsky Method

Since 2003, L3 Family Wealth Partners has delivered comprehensive financial services to clients looking to grow their assets and plan for their future. We take a holistic approach to financial management by thoroughly understanding each client’s current financial situation, goals, and preferences to develop a truly customized plan that’s best for them and their family.

You likely have many reasons for
accumulating and growing assets, BUT:

Are you concerned with the fluctuation of the stock market?

Do you have market correction protection as part of your portfolio?

Are you worried you will outlive your wealth?

We pride ourselves on strategies that address all these questions. Many clients enter our office feeling uncertain about many areas in their financial lives but leave our office with a deep sense of relief that their comprehensive financial plan fully accounts for and helps resolve many of their major concerns.

The Linsky Family

From Our Family to Yours

Our Process

Our process is simple, to the point, and ensures you understand each and every step along the way. With three steps, we put together the pieces of the puzzle that form a customized plan specific to your goals.

Initial Meeting

This is when we get to know each other. We take an initial dive into your personal and financial information, while learning about your preferences and goals through targeted questions and conversation.

Current Allocation

After we both determine it’s a good fit, we work together to create a list of your existing assets and break everything down in a way that makes it easy for you to understand how everything is currently allocated.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Once we know you, your goals, and your assets, we can create a personal financial plan based on the information you told us is important to you and your family. Our comprehensive financial plans take a holistic view of your situation and goals.

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