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As we’ve worked with so many retirees and those getting ready to retire, we’ve seen many come into our office with annuities they don’t understand or misconceptions about how annuities work. We’re here to help you unravel all the confusing and contradicting messaging about annuities and help you understand exactly what your annuity terms are and what they mean for you.

If you relate to any of the questions or statements below, an Annuity Reality Report session is the right fit for you:

Do I have an annuity?

What are my annuity surrender terms?

I don’t think anyone ever explained my annuity to me. Could someone walk me through it?

What is an annuity?

I have a few annuities but I’m not sure what they are or when I can start receiving income.

Aren’t annuities risky?

Can I change my annuity out for a better rate or other annuity?

I’m not sure I know what type of annuity I have or what it does for me.

My annuity isn’t aligned with my goals anymore.

If you related to any of the questions and statements above, or want a second look at your annuity contracts, we’d love to talk to you! In your Annuity Reality Report session, here’s what we’ll provide:

An in-depth review of your current annuities, including:

Surrender charges and periods



Participation rates

An explanation of your current annuities and if they align with your retirement income goals

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